Mappa voli da Cagliari


The splendid Villas for sale designed by Fuksas for Is Molas Resort are located in south Sardinia in Pula, approx. 30 km from Cagliari and its international airport.


Pula, Cagliari and South Sardinia

Is Molas Resort is a corner of paradise located on the south coast of Sardinia, near Pula: a place rich in nature, history and culture that you will get to know and appreciate if you decide to invest in any of the luxury properties for sale within the Resort.

Buying a designer villa in Is Molas means choosing a residence close to the most beautiful beaches in South Sardinia, such as the Caribbean Tuerredda, the Chia coastline or the splendid Porto Pino, but also having an international airport only 30 km away, which connects Cagliari to numerous destinations in Italy and Europe throughout the year. You will be able to live on a beautiful island, safe in the knowledge that you have easy travel options for business or pleasure.

A few kilometres from the Villas for sale designed by Fuksas you will also find the city of Cagliari, the largest city in Sardinia with a metropolitan area of about half a million inhabitants.Built on seven hills, it slopes gently down towards the sea and its port, an important landing point for both liners and cruise ships. Cagliari is a city rich in history that offers visitors not only beaches and sea, but also important naturalistic oases unique in Europe (such as the Molentargius park or the Santa Gilla lagoon), fascinating architectural works, museums, breathtaking viewpoints and lively nightlife.
The whole of South Sardinia is an exclusive area thanks to its naturalistic and historical variety, which at the same time offers its inhabitants state-of-the-art technological services such as the regional Science and Technology Park of Pula, just a few kilometres from our Villas for sale, air and sea transport and cities equipped with every service and popular destinations for tourists from all over the world such as Cagliari and Pula itself.
For this reason, buying a Villa in Sardinia at Is Molas Resort is the perfect decision if you want to enjoy great privacy surrounded by nature but within walking distance of everything you may need in everyday life.

A millennia-long history that you can touch with your hand

Sardinia is a very ancient land: an island in the centre of the Mediterranean, it has been inhabited by humans since the Palaeolithic period, when it presumably began to act as a bridge between the various shores of the lands overlooking this sea. The prehistoric remains that can be admired in various museums on the island are incredible and find their most evocative and mysterious form in the complexes of nuraghi scattered throughout the area, unique monuments that bear witness to an ancient and still partly unknown culture.
Among the more than 7000 nuraghi still present in Sardinia, we certainly suggest a visit to Su Nuraxi in Barumini (just over an hour's drive from our Villas), a real Nuragic village recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Thanks to its central location, Sardinia was, over the centuries, a crossroads of different cultures such as the Phoenicians, the Punics, the Romans, the Byzantines and, later, the Pisans, Genoese, Catalans and Aragonese. There are clear traces of all these cultures all over the island, both architecturally, culturally and gastronomically: the town of Nora, 5 minutes from the Is Molas Villas, founded by the Phoenicians and later enriched by the Punic people and Romans with mosaics, thermal baths, theatre and domus, is definitely worth a visit.

To get to know Sardinia in all its glory, our concierge service is available to Villa owners who want to organise excursions, guided tours or food and wine tastings.

People live better and longer in Sardinia: here's why

Despite having been a land of passage and conquest for thousands of years, Sardinia remains a sparsely populated island with 67 inhabitants per km². This makes it a land that is still unspoilt in many ways, an ideal destination for those who love nature, the sea and a wild hinterland rich in flora and fauna, in which to discover enchanting routes and landscapes.
The island's 1849 km of coastline is famous worldwide for its beautiful white sandy beaches and incredibly transparent water in a thousand shades of blue.
The whole island is, therefore, a destination for international travellers who often choose it as their home after getting to know it and exploring it.

This is also due to the fact that the quality of life on this island is one of the best in the world, so much so that it was included among the five Blue Zones in the world where people live the longest (the others are the Greek island of Icaria, the Japanese island of Okinawa, the community in Loma Linda in California and the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica). It is precisely the large number of centenarians that has aroused the interest of the scientific world, which has traced Sardinians' longevity not only to their remarkable genetic heritage but also, and above all, to their lifestyle: a regular, active lifestyle, a climate mitigated by the sea, a diet based on healthy, often zero-km products, and a social life in close-knit communities with strong ties to the local area seem to be the secrets of those who manage to blow out their 100 candles.

And what about the climate? In Sardinia, you can enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate, mitigated in the coastal areas by the sea breeze. The rains are scarce, and snow appears only on the innermost mountains in the coldest months, while near the coast, the temperatures never drop below freezing. This allows you to experience the island 365 days a year, with a peak of over 15 hours of light in June and just under 10 in December, on the shortest days of the year.