Clay, cork: bio-architecture at work

In keeping with the canons of bio-architecture, the materials chosen for the villas are mainly locally produced and natural. Tadelakt is used for the interior walls, a semi-gloss lime plaster finished with river stones and treated with black soap. The outside masonry is built with Poroton® blocks, a thermal insulating block made of fired clay and Diathonite, an eco-compatible thermoplaster made of natural hydraulic lime, cork, clay and diatomic powders. Several different materials have been used for the flooring. Outside local Sardinian stone has been used extensively. The windows, internal doors and external shutters are in wood, mahogany, walnut and teak. The windows are folding.


Comfort all year round with a single system.

The heating/cooling system in each villa is housed in the service room outside, under the car parking spaces.

The living spaces are heated and cooled by underfloor radiant panels, which heat during the winter and cool in the summer.



  • outstanding comfort at all times
  • no hot/cold draughts
  • less dust, easier to clean
  • no noise pollution


From the lakes to the heart of the villas

The hot and cold water is produced by a heat pump which is connected to the water circuit from the lakes.



  • great savings
  • easier to run and service
  • no chimney flues or any kind of atmospheric pollution
  • no fuels thus no danger of accidents
  • living spaces separate from the service room
  • no noise pollution.


Not just beautiful to look at, but smart too.

The optional home automation system lets you adjust and control the villa’s general settings from a distance, including the electrics, the heating/cooling system and water distribution, using a standard telephone network.



  • higher quality of life
  • increased security
  • lower running costs