Immsi Holding increases value of Southern Sardinia

Immsi Group, the Italian Holding of the Colaninno Family, is creator and the developer of the Is Molas Golf Resort project.

Immsi S.p.A. is the holding company of a Group of over 40 companies which operates in different business sectors.
The Company’s investment portfolio includes businesses related to:
- the real estate sector (tourist and holiday resort), through the companies Is Molas S.p.A., Pietra S.r.l. and Apuliae S.p.A.;
- the industrial sector (production and distribution of scooters, moto and light commercial vehicles), through the companies belonging to the Piaggio and the Aprilia groups;
- the naval sector (production of defence ships such as mine countermeasure vessels, fast patrol boats and hydrographic vessels, fast ferries, catamarans, hydrofoils and yacht of different dimensions through the subsidiary Intermarine S.p.A.").

In FY2018, the Immsi Group has posted Net revenues equal to 1,464.5 million euros, an EBITDA of 213.3 million euros (EBITDA margin equal to 14.6%). As at December 31st, 2018 the Group employed 6,851 employees.
The Group's target is to increase the value of current and future investments, also by re-launching companies characterized by significant growth prospects which may require contributions in terms of capital and managerial resources, with the aim of strengthening the market positions in the respective business sectors, thus creating value for the shareholders.

Il piacere è green

Pleasure is green

The towering green ridges of the Mountain Park extend all the way down to the golf courses in a continuum of nature and buildings.

Is Molas Golf Resort is located 30 km from Cagliari and its international airport in southwest Sardinia, between the town of Pula and Capo Teulada. It is one of the most fascinating stretches along the south coast of the island, with stunning beaches and bays with crystal clear water providing the backdrop for one of the most exciting landscapes for people who love golf and unspoiled nature. Protected to the north by the wild and dramatic mountain park with its Mediterranean scrub, and to the south by the sea, dominated by the Tower of Nora with the remains of the ancient Phoenician town at its feet, Is Molas Golf Resort enjoys a microclimate found nowhere else on the island and which means you can play sports all year round.

Is Molas Golf Club is one of the leading clubs in Italy


Lights and lines meet on the horizon

A magical hotel overlooking the archaeological site of Nora, a small but exquisite suite hotel and a spa to die for.

The project involves enlarging the existing resort which has been a benchmark in Sardinia and the Mediterranean for exclusive tourism and international golf for over 40 years. Not merely a tourist destination, Is Molas has become an integral part of the local community and is inhabited all year round.

Spaces, light, colours and sudden openings which observe the landscape

The existing resort has first-class holiday accommodation with a 4-star hotel, a clubhouse serving the 27-hole golf course and the other sports activities on offer, and an exclusive residential complex.

The upgrading of the resort, commissioned to architect Massimiliano Fuksas, involves creating a new residential area that will blend in effortlessly with the Mediterranean shrubbery, and a boutique hotel with 39 suites. The complex will also have large stylish areas where people can meet and take part in the club’s social life - the “Piazza” - with restaurants and boutiques, a leading professional spa providing beauty and medical treatments, and a stunning private beach club.

The golf course, with its new layout designed by Gary Player, will feature a new clubhouse, located in a central position above the new greens, which will act as the hub, dominating the whole course and providing the ideal venue for the conference centre.

It will also be the departure point for the trail that leads to the Bike Park, which was opened in the summer of 2015 and extends for about 120 hectares within the Is Molas property and then enters the mountain park, with dozen of trails already laid out stretching from the mountains down to the gulf of Nora.

Close to the central hotel and protected by a large expanse of native vegetation is the Kids’ Center for our youngest guests, and the sports area with courts and fields for tennis, five-a-side football, basketball and beach volleyball.