nature //

Exploring the area step after step

The new Bike Park stretches for 120 hectares in the Sulcis Mountain Park which occupies around 70,000 hectares in southwest Sardinia in the provinces of Cagliari and Carbonia-Iglesias, and covers 15 municipalities.

The geology of this area goes back to ancient times, more than 600 million years ago (the first formations date back to the Cambrian period) and the morphology of the land is extremely varied, to the point of being quite wild in some parts due to its irregularity.

The highest peaks are just over 1,000 metres, while the others average 500-700 metres, and the sheer number of peaks creates a highly irregular morphology. The area is a real natural paradise for hikers and mountain bikers who can access the mountain park directly from the resort through the valleys hewn out by the tributaries of the main river, the Rio di Pula.

Whether hiking up on foot or riding down an adrenalin-pumping descent on their mountain bikes, our guests can admire the wild Mediterranean scrub, consisting mainly of holm oak, cork oak, eucalyptus, strawberry trees and broom.

And they could very well come across the largest population of Sardinian deer in the world (around 2500), a healthy number of fallow deer and wild boar, and many birds of prey in danger of extinction, such as the golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, the Sardinian goshawk and the pelegrine falcon.

sport //

Emotions and adrenaline guaranteed at all times

The Is Molas Bike Park, the only one of its kind in Sardinia, it is the ideal place to live out your mountain biking dreams, and you can spend the whole day experiencing adrenaline, wild nature and pure fun.

The network of trails that starts at the clubhouse goes through the golf course and then enters the mountain park, catering for cyclists of all levels. There are more than 30 tracks of varying difficulty and a Bike School where our instructors will teach you the basics of free riding and you can try out your balance and your first jumps.

The trails are equipped with UNI signage and all the equipment needed to face the excitement of the slopes in total safety. You can hire professional mountain bikes and EPACs, as well as all the protective gear you need.

For those who want a whole day out exploring the trails in our area, we organise guided tours with experienced instructors who ensure the safety of all the members of the group and choose a route that will cater for all the different levels.

As well as mountain biking, guests can try their hand at a number of water sports at our Beach Club: sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, kite surfing, diving and snorkelling.

The Mountain Park behind the resort is a real paradise for hikers. Miles and miles of paths leave from the hotel and go through the wilderness, taking you across fords, up steep climbs and down descents and back to the hotel where you can then relax by the pool.

Gourmet //

The architecture of flavours:
Chef Ivano Congiu for Is Molas

Reinterpret the space on the plate and reconsider every parameter and eating habit, while respecting tradition.

Trace lines to spear the heart of a turbot. Build vertical molecular structures out of brown olives, creating towers of Babel, and raise your spirit and meat. Colour.

Capture the memory before the shape dissolves in a photograph by Adriano Mauri.

Taste the tartare of bluefin tuna by Ivano Congiu, chef at Is Molas.

Form and function to build new relationships with food and the space it occupies. To create the architecture of a flavour, supported by the three pillars of Ivano’s cuisine: tradition, innovation and form. The potatoes are squared, the broccoli embraces and the turnip will not be a turnip all its life. The yellow saffron risotto, on the other hand, will never tire of the gold colour of its fields, but will search out new travelling companies to conquer distant lands and curious palates. Contaminations. Because no art form can escape the interpretation of its time. Innovations. Because time is of the essence: the prawn crudités are shaped like delicate quenelle in a cherry tomato reduction, composing dishes as if they were canvases, full of colour and strict geometries. All that is missing is that touch of eternity, Adriano Mauri’s photographs, to capture the work of art that will be consumed so quickly. All that is left is the memory of a new experience, the result of a meticulous architectural project of flavour.