A unique masterpiece, your home in Sardinia

For the Is Molas project, architect Fuksas has put a new spin on the idea of everyday living, he has pushed back the boundaries of convention, rediscovering and transforming an everyday object into a work of art. This is the idea of another world, where the sky and sea merge with the land on the horizon and every day marks a new beginning. This is the work of someone who has taken the shapes of the wind and created a sculpture with them, imaging life within. Simplicity and essentiality are what make this work so beautiful and the elements are stone, water, wind and the Sardinian land. Join us on this new and exciting journey of discovery of the “Inhabited Sculptures” by Massimiliano Fuksas.

masterplan //

One island, 15 villas, endless happy awakenings.

The houses designed by Massimiliano Fuksas blend into this magical corner of Sardinia and offer stunning views over the sea, the mountains and the lush green golf course.

Ville in VendiTa //

Is Molas is a haven of peace and exclusivity.

The first of the 9 islands with its 15 inhabited sculptures by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas.

On the first island which is taking shape, nestled between the slopes of the mountain park and the Championship Course, are six variants of the original four kinds of villa designed by architect Fuksas. Each of the villas has been designed and built to merge into the morphology of the land around it. So we have mirror-image villas and villas on two levels. The swimming pools have been designed to embrace the houses and their surroundings. The island, consisting of 15 villas, is divided into a raised area, affording stunning views over the whole resort down to the sea and the Tower of Nora, and a lower part whose gardens merge with the fairways. We have produced four mock-up villas to illustrate the materials and finishes chosen by Massimiliano and the furnishing range designed by Doriana Fuksas for Is Molas and produced by Moroso and Venini.

We have chosen two of the top international luxury real estate agents to market the villas: Sotheby’s International Realty and Engel&Volkers. Nadia Reif, head of our Real Estate office, is available to provide information and arrange a visit to the worksite and resort.


The Is Molas dream becomes reality thanks to a team of highly motivated, passionate professionals.

The Inhabited Sculptures, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas for Is Molas, bring together the very best of Italian workmanship and creative intelligence on the international scene. Starting from the initial project, all the various elements, including the load-bearing structures, the finishes, the materials available for the floor coverings (indoor and outdoor), the landscaping and lighting, were tested, put into place and then started again from scratch until the exact effect that the architect had envisaged was achieved. We have chosen top Italian and international brands as our partners on this project: Moroso, with its artisan expertise for the Furniture Concept range designed by Doriana Fuksas, master glassmakers Venini, with their age-old tradition of excellence for the interior lighting, the London design practice Speirs & Major for the external lighting, Xera with its unrivalled expertise in steel for the kitchens, Esse4 for the cupboards crafted in fine wood in the villas, and Jaguar and Land Rover as our technical partners.

A close look at the workmanship of the details in the Inhabited Sculptures will reveal a wealth of excellence that draws on centuries of history when Italian workers made beautiful, carefully crafted creations, passing on their traditional artisan working methods to later generations until they became sophisticated techniques.

We have chosen two of the top international luxury real estate agents to market the villas: Sotheby’s International Realty and Engel&Volkers.

We invite you to follow the progress of the first island on our website, in our newsroom and on our social networks. The first 15 sculptures are scheduled to be completed in October 2016.


“We have constructed a new geography for Is Molas. Everything blends in perfectly with the land-scape, communicating with the light of the Mediterranean.”

(Massimiliano Fuksas, architect)

Architect Fuksas has designed four types of villas for Is Molas – villa Palas, villa Luxi, villa Nea and villa Arenada – all different in shape, size and finish. The villas, already under construction, reflect the essence of the whole project, respecting the indigenous landscape and standing on existing land which stretches from the mountain park down to the golf courses. The vegetation consists of Mediterranean scrub and native species such as myrtle, mastic trees, heather, strawberry trees and cork oaks. The villas are positioned to provide the best possible views of the sea, golf course and the mountains. They are built in line with bio-architectural standards, using mainly locally produced, natural materials. In ensure they are blend effortlessly into the natural setting, a special study into colours was carried out. The living spaces are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer by radiant panels in the floors and dehumidifiers in the walls, delivering maximum comfort whatever the season.


Anyone who chooses Is Molas chooses a world of pampering.

Is Molas is not purely a destination for tourists and sports lovers, it is, more than anything, a lifestyle and a new way of experiencing Sardinia from all angles. The islands at Is Molas with their Inhabited Sculptures are communities which interact continuously with their surroundings and the people around them, blending effortlessly in with them. You quickly lose your guest status to become a “lover” of the place, everyone goes back to Is Molas, whether it be for a special occasion or just for the pleasure of listening to its sounds, breathing in its fragrances, meeting up with friends. Being different is second nature to us and the mottos we live by are total relaxation, safety and privacy. We have come up with a number of services specially tailored to your needs, so you can focus on Sardinia, on yourselves and your passions, and we will do the rest. These services have been created just for you, for your homes and your stay at Is Molas and we have our own special way of presenting them. Different, as always.

“I wanted to represent life at Is Molas in a totally different way during and after completion of the project by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. And, most importantly of all, I wanted to find someone who would understand the “Inhabited Sculptures” by Massimiliano Fuksas and perceive just how this experiment into building with the elements, with the erosion of the wind and nature, is a new form of design with ancient origins.

I believe the meeting with Andrea Bizzotto, painter and designer from Bassano del Grappa, led to the creation of a small work of art capturing the world of Is Molas. This world is a well-arranged space, full of meanings, which you can enter by watching, listening, moving around. Twenty Indian ink drawings, one-of-a-kind works coloured with coffee and water colours, the colours of Sardinia. Each line, every brushstroke was an emotion, a bit like shaking our souls of the dust that has settled in our everyday lives.

The illustrations were created randomly, immediately, “a good first take”, Mr. He, a crafty golf lover, a cross between a Brit and a Sardinian, and his elegant partner Lady She.



Watch the video telling the story of “Mr. He & Lady She - A limited collection of unlimited possibilities”.


Nothing is left to chance.

Doriana Fuksas, architect and art historian with a rare sensitivity for every expression of culture, has collected furniture, fabrics, carpets and objects for years during her travels. «I buy them because I find them original, interesting, without really knowing where to put them» she says. «There is an inherent beauty in things, an appeal that must be captured, without being conditioned by the latest trends.» This experience, mixed with a unique taste for “sophisticated simplicity”, has led to the creation of a dedicated range of furniture for the Inhabited Sculptures of Is Molas. Straight lines alternate with curving shapes, reflecting the architecture of the new villas. Research and careful choice of materials, leather and fabrics in highly original combinations. We invite you to explore the ‘Concept Furniture for Is Molas’ range by Doriana Fuksas.